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Preparation course for the 11 + in and around Beaconsfield. One to One and small group courses helping pupils succeed in the 11 Plus in Buckinghamshire. After-school and weekend courses in and near Beaconsfield for the 11 Plus Bucks.

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11 Plus Verbal Reasoning

"Multiple-matching sentence cloze"

Complete the paragraphs in the story below by selecting one of the sentences A-E. You can use a sentence once only.

Jo was in the attic with mask, torch and magnifying glass, checking for woodworm. It was tremendously energy-sapping just being up there.  The attic was always stifling, but more than usual now on account of the high humidity. __________(Sentence 1)__________

Then a change. The rustling sound of the leaves on the trees outside suddenly died away and the twitter of chattering birds stopped. Vaguely sensing the change, Jo looked up from the magnifying glass, and strained to listen. An ominous shadow then moved smoothly and silently over the rafters and the sultry atmosphere intensified still further. __________(Sentence 2)__________

Just after he had done so, the stillness was shattered in an instant by a tremendous whooshing, followed by a ferocious blast of wind. The force of the wind blew Jo off his feet and the magnifying glass spiralled away, smashing against the far wall. He managed to swing both legs either side of the rafter and brought his other arm over the top, clinging on like a koala bear.  He pressed his head against the wooden beam and clung on as the deafening wind billowed through the darkened attic. __________(Sentence 3)__________

A: Whenever it rained hard, the roof started to leak.
B: Suddenly, Jo felt himself shooting upwards as the entire roof peeled off and flew up into the air.
C: Jo felt like a tropical plant in a glass house on a hot, sunny day.
D: Jo looked for his screwdriver.
E: Instinctively, Jo switched off the torch and let it fall by his side and hooked his free arm around the rafter near his head.

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Beaconsfield school

Beaconsfield School of English specialises in preparation courses for the Bucks version of the 11 Plus exam. This is the CEM (Durham Univesity) 11 Plus, which is also used by most of the selective schools in Berkshire.

The Beaconsfield School of English CEM 11 Plus course is designed for students in Year 5 at Primary School. The CEM 11+ course covers the 3 main areas of the Bucks CEM 11 Plus - Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning and Numerical Reasoning. The 11 Plus lessons are taught on a One to One basis (private lessons) enabling the 11+ teacher to identify strengths and weaknesses and to focus on weaker areas needing improvement.

The Beaconsfield School of English CEM 11 Plus course starts in September and lasts for 3 terms. There is also an 11 Plus Summer School in August.

The 11+ lessons are 75 minutes long, so the pupils can practise and focus on CEM-style 11+ exercises for an extended period. The teacher always sets homework after the lessons for completion by the following week and this is an important part of the 11 Plus course.

The questions in the CEM 11+ exams provided by the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring at Durham University is broadly based on the primary school Year 5 syllabus.

Children normally start their CEM 11+ course at Beaconsfield School of English two weeks after the Bucks CC schools start back. The 11 Plus course dates then match the Bucks County Council school term dates closely. There are 3 CEM 11 Plus course terms: Autumn Term, Spring Term and Summer Term.

The four-week CEM 11+ Summer School in August is a final preparation stage leading up to CEM 11+ test day. The pupils study for 2.5 hours or 5 hours per week (individual tuition) on the CEM 11+ Summer School and the lessons focus on CEM-style 11+ practice tests, consolidation and revision.

The week before the course starts, pupils enrolled on the 11+ Summer School study the free Beaconsfield School of English 11+ Home Study Course.

Preparation course for the 11 + in and around Beaconsfield. One to One and small group courses helping pupils succeed in the 11 Plus in Buckinghamshire. After-school and weekend courses in and near Beaconsfield for the 11 Plus Bucks.

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Preparation courses and Mock CEM 11 Plus Test Sessions for the Bucks 11 Plus. One to One courses (private tuition) helping pupils succeed in the 11 Plus in Buckinghamshire and Berkshire. Online 11 Plus Pracrtice Tests suitable for CEM 11 Plus preparation, with over 50,000 11 Plus test questions.

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