Beaconsfield school30-Question English Test

Answer Key

The correct answers are on the right

1. My _____ Rita.


2. _____ live here?

Do you

3. _____ time please?

Do you have the

4. _____ to the shop.

I am going

5. He can _____ English very well.


6. They _____ in Stockholm last week.


7. What _____ about it?

did they say

8. You swim _____

better than me.

9. _____ a basketball match?

Have you ever seen

10. _____ go there as well.

I really want to

11. _____ is it from Beaconsfield to Oxford?

How far

12. I _____ study more often.


13. I was looking for my mobile phone when _____

it suddenly rang.

14. They left _____ ten minutes ago.

more than

15. _____ you have finished you can go.

As soon as

16. Look, you can see the sun ______

going down.

17. She asked me if _____ London.

I liked

18. My car _____ tomorrow.

is being repaired

19. You look exhausted. What _____

have you been doing?

20. He told you and so _______

did I.

21. I _____ by 9 pm.

should be arriving

22. If I'd known that I _____ about it.

would have told you

23. If you'd checked for directions before we left we _____ there now. 

would be

24. They don't mind _____


25. Will it really _____ if we arrive later on?

put you out

26. I was over the _____ when I heard the good news.


27. I could hardly believe _____

my eyes.

28. _____ had I arrived there when it started to rain.


29. She _____ have known they'd be late, as usual!


30. He's gone upstairs for a _____


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The 11+ courses are designed for pupils in Year 5 of Primary School. The 11+ courses cover all three parts of the Bucks 11 Plus - Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning and Maths. The 11 Plus lessons are One to One, which enables the teacher to focus on areas in most need of improvement.

The 11+ Academic Year starts in September each year and incorporates 3 terms and an 11+ Summer School.

Each 11+ lesson is 75 minutes long, providing an opportunity for the pupil to practise 11 Plus exercises for an extended period of time. Homework is set after the lessons and is an important part of the 11+ course.

Children normally start their 11 Plus course at Beaconsfield School of English two weeks after the Bucks County Council schools start back. The 11+ course dates then match the Bucks County Council school term dates closely. There are three 11+ Plus course terms: Autumn Term, Spring Term and Summer Term.

The 4-week 11 Plus Summer School in August is a final preparation stage leading up to 11+ test day. The children study for 2.5 hours or 5 hours per week (individual tuition). The lessons focus on 11 Plus practice tests, consolidation and revision.

The week before the course starts, pupils enrolled on the Summer School study the Home Study Course.

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