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11 Plus Numerical Reasoning

CEM provides the question papers in the Slough Consortium 11 Plus tests. Numerical Reasoning is one of the 3 areas tested. This can be summed up as short maths, long maths and data handling and it accounts for approximately 30% of the total marks in the CEM 11 Plus test.

Numerical Reasoning simply means maths and it tests mental arithmetic (short maths), word problem solving (long maths) and the interpretation of statistics (data handling). Statistics are presented graphically in the form of a table, graph, diagram or similar.

The term ‘Numerical Reasoning’ highlights an important aspect of the CEM 11 Plus. Pupils may need to solve a maths problem based on a situation or concept or statistical analysis.  There is an element of reading comprehension involved. The children need to understand what the question means, and then solve it using their maths skills.

Long maths questions

Maeve's Uncle is 50 years old and her Aunt is 1/10th older than Maeve's Uncle. How old is her Aunt?

This is a one-step long maths question, however long maths questions may involve multiple steps.


Farzana goes to a sports shop and buys a tennis racket costing £16.99. She also buys 2 tins of tennis balls costing £4.99 per tin. She pays for them all with a £20 note and a £10 pound note. How much change does she get?

Data handling questions

Data handling questions require the children to interpret statistical information displayed graphically, such as in a venn diagram, pictogram or timetable.


The table below shows a bus timetable for buses travelling between High Wycombe and Uxbridge.

High Wycombe


Gerrards Cross



























1. How long does the 09.10 bus from High Wycombe take to get to Uxbridge?

A: 65 mins.          B: 70 mins.          C: 75 mins.          D: 80 mins.          E: 85 mins.    


2. Tasha lives in Beaconsfield and wants to get a bus to Gerrards Cross for a dentist appointment at 12.25. It takes 10 minutes to walk from the bus stop in Gerrards Cross to the dentist’s. What is the latest bus she can take from Beaconsfield to reach the dentist’s in time?

A: 09.45                B: 10.10                C: 10.40                D: 11.10                E: 11.40


3. Which bus from High Wycombe arrives in Uxbridge closest to 12.00?

A: 09.40                B: 10.10                C: 10.40                D: 11.10                E: 11.40


4. Which bus from High Wycombe takes the shortest time to get to Gerrards Cross?

A: 09.40                B: 10.10                C: 10.40                D: 11.10                E: 11.40

Sample Verbal Reasoning questions for the CEM 11 Plus

Sample Non-Verbal Reasoning questions

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Beaconsfield School of English specialises in preparation courses for the Bucks version of the 11 Plus exam. This is the CEM (Durham Univesity) 11 Plus, which is also used by most of the selective schools in Berkshire.

The Beaconsfield School of English CEM 11 Plus course is designed for students in Year 5 at Primary School. The CEM 11+ course covers the 3 main areas of the Bucks CEM 11 Plus - Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning and Numerical Reasoning. The 11 Plus lessons are taught on a One to One basis (private lessons) enabling the 11+ teacher to identify strengths and weaknesses and to focus on weaker areas needing improvement.

The Beaconsfield School of English CEM 11 Plus course starts in September and lasts for 3 terms. There is also an 11 Plus Summer School in August.

The 11+ lessons are 75 minutes long, so the pupils can practise and focus on CEM-style 11+ exercises for an extended period. The teacher always sets homework after the lessons for completion by the following week and this is an important part of the 11 Plus course.
The questions in the CEM 11+ exams provided by the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring at Durham University is broadly based on the primary school Year 5 syllabus.

Pupils normally start their CEM 11+ course at Beaconsfield School of English two weeks after the Bucks CC schools start back at school. The 11 Plus course dates then match the Bucks County Council school term dates closely. There are 3 CEM 11 Plus course terms: Autumn Term, Spring Term and Summer Term.

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e four-week CEM 11+ Summer School in August is a final preparation stage leading up to CEM 11+ test day. The pupils study for 2.5 hours or 5 hours per week (individual tuition) on the CEM 11+ Summer School and the lessons focus on CEM-style 11+ practice tests, consolidation and revision.

The week before the course starts, pupils enrolled on the 11+ Summer School study the free Beaconsfield School of English 11+ Home Study Course.

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