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11+ Booster Course

Three lessons - targeted 11+ study

Flexible course dates

To pass the 11 Plus, students need to do well in all the different parts of the exam. These may include comprehension, grammar, punctuation, spelling, Maths, Verbal Reasoning, NVR and Spatial Reasoning.

If your child is currently finding specific 11+ topics challenging, BSE's 11 Plus Booster course may be the perfect answer. The course is designed to quickly boost 11+ techniques and skills in an area where improvement is needed. Students focus on a specific subject in three online One to One lessons (private tuition). Each Zoom lesson lasts for 60 minutes and homework is set after lessons 1 and 2.

BSE's 11 Plus Booster course is an effective, targeted way to help students improve their knowledge and skills quickly in a specific area. Parents can select from:

  • 11+ Booster Maths - Word Problems
  • 11+ Booster Maths - Statistics
  • 11+ Booster - Reading Comprehension
  • 11+ Booster - Punctuation
  • 11+ Booster - Spelling
  • 11+ Booster - Vocabulary
  • 11+ Booster - Verbal Reasoning
  • 11+ Booster - Non-Verbal Reasoning
  • 11+ Booster - Spatial Reasoning

Private tuition enables an experienced 11 Plus tutor to quickly pinpoint any weak aspects. The tutor focuses on helping the student improve understanding and technique. This helps students bridge any gaps in knowledge they may have. They also gain an insight into the importance of working quickly but accurately. In the 11 Plus exam, timing is a crucial factor - students need to answer questions at speed, while maintaining good accuracy. Students benefit from a boost in confidence faced with questions they previously struggled with, and this in turn improves speed.

Teaching materials are tailored to the individual student for maximum efficiency. Beaconsfield School of Education has developed a large collection of 11+ practice worksheets in all the key areas. These practice worksheets are the core materials used in the 11+ Booster courses.

The 11 Plus Booster course normally takes place over 3 consecutive weeks. Days and times are as arranged between the School and parents.

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Preparation courses and Mock 11 Plus Test Sessions for the Bucks and Slough Consortium 11 Plus. One to One courses (private tuition) helping pupils succeed in the 11 Plus in Buckinghamshire and Berkshire. Online 11 Plus Practice Tests suitable for both GL and CEM 11 Plus preparation. Over 30,000 11 Plus test questions.

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