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Unlimited practice tests in all the key areas

11 Plus Practice Online provides safe, advertising-free online practice for the 11 Plus. With over 30,000 questions, 11 Plus Practice Online can significantly boost your child's chances of success. The practice tests are suitable for children preparing for the GL Assessment-style and CEM-style 11 Plus tests. There are separate practice tests in Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Maths, English and Vocabulary. There is also a Combined Test and the option to practise specific topics within each subject area.

The 11 Plus Practice Online interface is easy to use and reliable. It provides instant feedback and children can print their own achievement certificates. All the tests are timed, which encourages children to focus on speed combined with accuracy.

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Key features of 11 Plus Practice Online
  • an unlimited supply of timed 11 Plus practice tests
  • option to practise specific topics - e.g. Geometry (Maths), Percentages (Maths), Letter Codes (NVR), Antonyms (English)
  • instant test results, which can be reviewed straight away
  • generate 30- or 50-question tests at the click of a button
  • over 50 topic areas, including 15 Maths topics (Word Problems, Decimals, Shapes, Fractions etc)
  • explanations for correct answers - helpful to both parents and children
  • a wide range of 11 Plus question types
  • develops core skills in English and Maths
  • complements book-based practice and provides a motivating alternative
  • boosts vocabulary
  • provides reading comprehension practice
  • develops the ability to follow instructions
  • develops familiarity with a Virtual Learning Environment
  • encourages independent study and learning

Your child's confidence will grow as they see how their scores improve and times come down. Parents can see where their child's performance is strongest and where there is need for further improvement. As there are separate tests in the different skills, plus the option to practise specific topics, your child can focus on areas needing more practice.

Once submitted, tests can be reviewed instantly. You can see which questions were attempted and how many were answered correctly. You can see how long it took to complete the test. For many questions, there is an explanation of the correct answer, which can also help parents support their child's learning.

New tests are generated randomly every time, so no two practice tests are the same. Children log in with a unique Username and Password, which can both be saved. Your child can then create a new test, continue a part-completed test, or review a submitted test.

11 Plus Practice Online is a flexible, highly effective, easy-to-use and cost-efficient way to help your child prepare for the 11 Plus. Children find the tests stimulating, challenging and enjoyable. So much so, that they sometimes re-register after they have taken their 11 Plus!

Parent Testimonials
  • "The tests are brilliant."
  • "We have been very pleased with the tests she has completed so far."
  • "The level seems good, the vocab suitably stretching and we like the timing facility with the ability to go back and review progress."
  • "I think that it will be a key tool for practising more and more."
  • "I have sent payment for renewing 11 plus practice online. Million thanks!"
  • "The online tests are really good, really useful."
  • "She has been using it regularly and found it very beneficial in her journey in preparing for her 11+ exams."
Sample 11 Plus Practice Online questions

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