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English for Au Pairs Course in Beaconsfield

We have been asked by au pairs the questions below about the English for Au Pairs course at Beaconsfield School of Education. If you cannot find the information you are looking for, please contact us and we will be pleased to answer your enquiry.

You can also find links on this page to information about Cambridge Assessment English examinations, and scheduled Cambridge exam dates.

How can I pay for the course?
You can pay the £60 Registration Fee by PayPal, debit card or credit card. To pay by credit card or debit card, you may need to create a PayPal account if you do not already have one. You can pay the course fees by PayPal, credit card, debit card or Revolut digital banking.
Can I pay the course fees weekly?
No, you must pay all your course fees before your course starts, but if you register for 10 weeks or more, you can pay your fees in 2 instalments per term.
Can I extend my course?
Yes, if there are places available in the group. The minimum course extension is 2 weeks.
Can I register for just 1 or 2 weeks?
No, because the minimum course length is 5 weeks.
I have just arrived in Beaconsfield. When can I join the course?
You can join the English for Au Pairs class any week during the term, if there is a place available in the group. We recommend you register for your course as far in advance as possible to secure your place in the group.
Can I just attend one day a week?
No, you need to able to attend both days each week.
What course book will I have?
Your course book will be a publication from Cambridge University Press (CUP) or Oxford University Press (OUP).
Can I try a lesson first before I decide to register?
No, only au pairs who have registered for the course can attend the lessons.
Will I be given homework?
Yes, your teacher will normally give you homework at the end of every lesson. Homework tasks are varied and may include Cambridge Exam practice, writing practice or exercises from the course book or workbook.
Where can I take a Cambridge exam while I am in England?
Au pairs usually take their Cambridge exam in London at the University of Westminster, or at Wimbledon School of English. They are both Cambridge Examinations Open Centres which accept external candidates. Au pairs can register for the paper-based or computer-based format. Your teacher can give you further information and advice.
What can I do if the English for Au Pairs class is full?
You will need to wait until a place becomes available. You can register for your course starting on the next available date to secure your place.
I am planning to drive to the lessons. Where can I park?
There is unrestricted free car parking in the area around the teaching centre.
My English level is very high already. Is the course suitable for me?
No, the course is not suitable for you if you have an 'A' grade in Cambridge Advanced, grade 'C' or higher in Cambridge Proficiency, IELTS 7.5 or an eqivalent English qualification.
I am not an au pair. Can I still join the group?
No, the course is only for au pairs.
How can I check my English level?
You can take our free multiple-choice English Test on this website.
Where do the lessons take place?
The lessons take place at the Fitzwilliams Centre in Windsor End, Beaconsfield. The Centre is next to St Mary and All Saints Church in Beaconsfield Old Town.
I am staying here for 10 months, how long can I study for?
There are lessons from September to July. There are 3 terms a year: Autumn, Spring and Summer. The term dates match the school holidays for children in local state primary schools.
Does the course cover all aspects of Cambridge Exams preparation?
Yes; the course includes language skills and activities which cover all four papers in the Cambridge Exams.
Are Cambridge Exam fees included in the fees?
No, examination fees are not included in the course fees. You will need to pay these yourself when you register for your exam. Cambridge First costs around £135. Cambridge Advanced costs around £140.
I don't want to take a Cambridge English exam, I just want to improve my general English. Is the course suitable for me?
Yes, because Cambridge First and Cambridge Advanced are general English exams.
I am planning to apply to study at a university in the UK. Can the School help me with my application?
Yes, we can offer information about English Language qualifications and UK Higher Education qualifications. We can provide an academic reference in connection with your university application. We cannot help with student visa or finance loan applications, or opening a UK bank account.
Will I get a Certificate when I finish my course?
Yes; students who request a Certificate receive a course completion Certificate. The Certificate indicates the course name, your course dates and the English level of the class.
I am here for 6 weeks and want to take a Cambridge Exam before I go home to my country. Do I have enough time to prepare?
That depends on your current level of English and how much free time you have when you are not working. The teacher can give you additional exam support to help you prepare for your exam.

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