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At Beaconsfield School of Education we provide a part-time English course for au pairs. The course is designed to help au pairs improve their English while working in England. The English for Au Pairs course is suitable for au pairs who already have a good level of English. There are two class levels: Intermediate (B1+/B2) and Advanced (C1). If you are an au pair and you are not sure of your English level, you can test your English by taking our 30-question, multiple-choice English Test. You can find the English Test on our English for Au Pairs page - just click on the link in the top menu.

The English for Au Pairs course starts in September. There are three terms, the Autumn Term, the Spring Term and the Summer Term. The course finishes in July. Au pairs can enrol for between 5 weeks and 9 months. The minimum registration period is 5 weeks.

Many of the au pairs who study on the course consider taking a Cambridge Exam during or after their course. If they decide to take Cambridge First, Cambridge Advanced or IELTS in England, they normally do so in London. They take their Cambridge Exam at the University of Westminster. This is the nearest Exam Centre to Beaconsfield. Alternatively, they take their exam at Wimbledon School  of English in London. They are both Open Centres. This means you don't need to study there to take an exam there.

You can take a Cambridge Exam in two formats. One is written, the other is computer based. Your teacher will help you prepare for your Cambridge exam. We also provide advice, tips and recommendations about which exam to take.  If you do not want to take an exam, that's fine. The English for Au Pairs course is suitable for au pairs who simply want to improve or perfect their English.

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Beaconsfield School of Education specialises in preparation courses for the 11 Plus exam. The course is designed for students in Year 5 of Primary School. The 11+ course covers the three main areas of the 11 Plus - Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning and Maths The 11 Plus lessons are taught on a One to One basis. This enables the 11+ teacher to identify strengths and weaknesses and to focus on areas needing improvement.

The 11 Plus course starts in September and lasts for 3 terms. The 11+ lessons are 75 minutes long, so the pupils can practise and focus on 11+ exercises for an extended period. The teacher always sets homework after the lessons for completion by the following week.

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Pupils normally start their 11+ course approximately two weeks after the Bucks CC schools start back at school. The 11 Plus course dates then match the Bucks County Council school term dates closely. There are three terms: Autumn Term, Spring Term and Summer Term.

Preparation courses and Mock 11 Plus Test Sessions for the 11 Plus. One to One courses helping pupils succeed in the 11 Plus. 

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