July 2022

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October 2021

Key dates in October

11+ Results day

There are two key dates this month in the admissions process for entry to Year 7 in September 2022:

  • 15 October 2021 - Secondary Transfer Test results
  • 31 October 2021, midnight - deadline for secondary school applications

September 2021

This year's 11 Plus exam

New NVR and VR question types

This year's Bucks 11+ exam included both a new Non-Verbal Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning question type.

The new NVR question type involved completing the missing part of a single shape, as in a puzzle.

The new VR question type involved rhyming words. The children were asked to identify a synonym for a word which rhymed with the word in the question:

The word in bold rhymes with one of the five words next to it. Identify the rhyming word and then select the word which is closest in meaning to the rhyming word.

cow     sew     blow     woe     through    sow     true

       A  stitch     B  wind     C  pig     D  without      E   sincere

Answer: pig ('cow' rhymes with 'sow', which is a female pig)

It is important to forewarn and prepare children to expect question types they are not familiar with in the 11 Plus. GL have stated that that they continually develop their 11 Plus exam content. 

The new VR question type in this year's exam once again underlines the importance of developing a good knowledge of vocabulary in preparing for the exam.


August 2020

11+ Test Dates put back

The Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools - the company which manages and administers secondary transfer testing in Buckinghamshire - is putting back the 11+ test dates this year. The test window for out of county testing is now 27-30 October, while for in-county testing the window is 02-05 November.

The Slough Consortium of Grammar Schools has announced that the CEM 11+ for applicants sitting the tests at any of the four Slough grammar schools will provisionally now take place in the week beginning 12 October. The Consortium will provide further details by mid-September. They say the revised dates could be changed, depending on government guidance or other circumstances.


May 2020

11+ Course Dates, 2021-22

The course dates for the 2021-22 Academic Year are now available on our 11+ Course page.

The 2021-22 Academic Year starts the week beginning 13 September, 2021. Registration is now open for children who will join Year 5 in September, 2021.

To register, complete the short Registration Form by selecting Enrol from the main menu.

For children in Year 4 from this autumn, the School recommends Bond Assessment Papers Age 8-9 in Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning. These books provide good practice for the GL-style 11 Plus. It is very useful for children to acquaint themselves with the types of question which appear in the Bucks 11 Plus.


April 2020

News on this year's Bucks 11 Plus

At present there is no indication of a change in dates for this year's Bucks 11 Plus. The Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools consortium updated its website on 26 April, stating:

'The Buckinghamshire 2021 Secondary Selection Tests are currently scheduled to take place on Tuesday 8 September (practice test) and Thursday 10 September (selection test). At the current time schools are closed and it is not known when they will reopen. An update will be provided closer to the time if any changes need to be made to dates or other aspects of the testing arrangements.'


March 2020

11 Plus lessons online with ZOOM

The School is continuing to provide One to One 11 Plus lessons during Corona using the ZOOM platform. This means that BSE 11 Plus course students can continue their 11 Plus preparations without interruption. The ZOOM platform is well suited to a classroom environment. It includes a host of useful pedagogical features such as a whiteboard, screen share and text editing and annotation tools.


November 2019

BSE publishes 11+ practice book

A new 11 Plus reading skills practice book has just been published by Beaconsfield School of Education. Reading Comprehension Practice for the 11+ has been written for children in Year 5. There are 50 comprehension passages in the book which include short stories, extracts from stories and non-fiction. A wide range of non-fiction topics is covered, among them science and technology, history, nature, biography and music.

Reading Comprehension Practice for the 11+ is available to purchase now on our 11+ Books page.


October 2019

Excellent 11 Plus Exam Results 

Beaconsfield School of Education is delighted to announce that, following the September 2019 11 Plus examinations, all of BSE's 11 Plus Course students have qualified for a grammar school place. Well done and congratulations to our students, who all studied very hard to achieve a successful outcome. 

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