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July 2018

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April 2018

Verbal Reasoning Practice for the CEM 11+

ISBN 978-0-19-872651-7. A4 paperback format; 153pp.

Published by BSE, Amazon 5-star rated Verbal Reasoning Practice for the CEM 11+ is available to purchase now for £9.99 + £1.99 postage. 

Buy with Non-Verbal Reasoning for the CEM 11+  and you will receive a bundle discount.

Orders are dispatched the same or next working day.

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January 2018

The English for Au Pairs course is fully booked for the Spring Term.

December 2017

New exam 11 Plus exam format for Bucks

The Bucks Grammar Schools (TBGS) have now provided more information about the new Bucks 11 Plus Test starting next September. The structure of the 2018 11 Plus Test will be the very similar to the 2017 Test – two multiple-choice papers on the same day with a short break between, each paper taking around 45 minutes, with separate Question Booklets and Answer Sheets and recorded instructions. 

The new weighting is also similar to before - changing from 50% Verbal Reasoning / 30% Maths / 20% NVR to: 50% / 25% / 25% respectively. So more weighting is to be given to NVR, seemingly because it will include ‘spatial reasoning’ (figure recognition), and slightly less to Maths. 

The main change is that the two exams will contain different subjects, not a combination of all three subjects as in past years. There is no detail provided about the Verbal Reasoning, Comprehension and Technical English paper, which are all under the ‘Verbal Reasoning’ umbrella. As GL Assessment is providing the questions and as it is a multiple-choice test, it is highly likely that the Verbal Reasoning questions will be based on GL Assessment’s traditional 21 Verbal Reasoning question types, that the Comprehension will be reading passages or cloze procedure (gap-fill) exercises and that Technical English means identifying spelling, punctuation and grammar errors and word classes (nouns, adjectives, adverbs etc). There will be no writing involved at all.

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