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CEM 11 Plus preparation and English courses for au pairs

Welcome to Beaconsfield School of English. Here you can find information about the CEM 11 Plus courses, Mock CEM 11 Plus Test Sessions, 11 Plus practice tests portal and English classes for au pairs the school provides, as well as the latest news and offers and how to register.

CEM 11 Plus Courses

Beaconsfield School of English specialises in CEM 11 Plus courses for children preparing for the CEM Durham 11 Plus, including a 4-week CEM 11 Plus Summer School in August. We continually develop our 11 Plus courses to reflect the latest developments in the CEM 11 Plus. Our competitively-priced CEM 11 Plus courses are suitable for children attending schools in or near Beaconsfield.

Our CEM 11 Plus courses are for children in Year 5 of Primary School. They cover all three parts of the CEM 11 Plus exams - Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning and Mathematical Reasoning. A major focus of the courses is on developing Verbal Reasoning skills - including vocabulary development and Reading Comprehension skills - since Verbal Reasoning accounts for around half of the total marks in the CEM 11 Plus.

Mock CEM 11 Plus Test Sessions

Beaconsfield School of English is a leading provider of Mock CEM 11 Plus Test Sessions in South Buckinghamshire. Children can take up to six CEM (Durham) style mock tests. The Mock Test Sessions are administered on Saturday mornings in Beaconsfield and are suitable for children applying to grammar schools in Buckinghamshire and Berkshire. Children from around Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Middlesex, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, London and the Greater London area sit the tests, gaining valuable experience of formal 11 Plus test conditions. The children sit two Mock CEM 11 Plus Tests in a session, with CEM-style 11 Plus questions and question formats.

Recent Mock Test registrations

Beaconsfield School Next Mock CEM 11 Plus Test Session in Beaconsfield - Saturday, 06 May 2017

11 Plus Practice Online

Our popular 11 Plus Practice Online course is available year-round to pupils anywhere in the UK who are preparing for the 11 Plus, and is especially suitable for children taking the CEM 11 Plus. With over 50,000 11 Plus questions and an unlimited number of timed practice tests, the Beaconsfield School of English 11 Plus Practice Online portal can help your child prepare thoroughly for the 11 Plus. Register now for full and unlimited access to the 11 Plus Practice Online tests until 14 September, 2017 for a single, one-off fee of just £50.

Beaconsfield School View 11 Plus Practice Online portal

English for Au Pairs Courses

If you are an au pair working in or near Beaconsfield, and you want to meet other au pairs and improve your English, Beaconsfield School of English provides a part-time group course from September-July. Our English for Au Pairs classes are held on two mornings a week in Beaconsfield.

Registration for Beaconsfield School of English courses and Mock CEM 11+ Test Sessions is usually available, so why not register today?

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Mock CEM 11 Plus exams

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