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CEM 11 Plus and English Courses

Welcome to the Beaconsfield School of English website. Here you can find information about the CEM 11 Plus and English courses we provide, the current course fees and dates, the latest news and offers, and how to register for a course.

CEM 11 Plus Courses and Mock CEM 11 Plus Tests
Beaconsfield School of English provides 11 Plus courses (private tuition) including an 11 Plus Summer School in August. The lessons are for children attending a primary school in Beaconsfield or in nearby towns and villages.

The 11 Plus courses at BSE are for children in Year 5. The courses cover all three parts of the Bucks CEM 11 Plus tests - Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning and Mathematical Reasoning. A major focus is on helping students develop their Verbal Reasoning skills, including vocabulary development and Reading Comprehension skills, as this part of the Bucks CEM 11 Plus accounts for around half of the overall marks.

Our popular 11 Plus Practice Online course is available year-round to pupils anywhere in the UK who are preparing for the 11 Plus, and is especially suitable for children taking the CEM 11 Plus.

In August we also provide Mock CEM 11 Plus Test Sessions in Beaconsfield for children who will be taking the Bucks CEM 11 Plus in September. The Mock Tests are also suitable for children preparing for the Berkshire CEM 11 Plus.

Beaconsfield School of EnglishEnglish for Au Pairs Courses
If you are an au pair working in or near Beaconsfield, and you want to meet other au pairs and improve your English, the School provides a part-time group course from September-July. Our English for Au Pairs classes are held on two mornings a week in Beaconsfield.

One to One English
We provide One to One English courses for overseas students who want to improve their General English or English for Specific Purposes fast. At Beaconsfield School of English, we also offer One to One Plus courses, where students can combine English Language lessons with golf, tennis, art or cultural visits.

Most courses at Beaconsfield School of English are available any week, so why not register today?

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