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The 11+ Bucks test is provided by the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring at Durham University (CEM). Sometimes it is referred to as the CEM (Durham) 11 Plus. Tuition for the CEM 11 Plus Bucks and 11 Plus lessons for the 11 plus in Berks is offered by Beaconsfield School of English. 11 plus tuition in Bucks twons and villages for the Eleven Plus exam is provided by the School from September to August each year. 11+ lessons in Beaconsfield or in surrounding towns villages can be booked online. The 11+ Beaconsfield and the 11+ Bucks are held in September each year. 11+ tuition in Beaconsfield is provided by our experienced tutor. 11 Plus uestions in the 11 plus in Buckinghamshire and the Berksshire are all provided by CEM. 11 plus practice is also available in the form of our online 11 plus practice tests VLE. There are 30-question and 50-question 11 plus practice tests in Verbal Reasoning, Vocabulary, English, NVR and Maths. 11+ private lessons for the CEM 11+ test are offered every year by the school. There is also an 11+ summer course. The CEM 11 Plus summer course is the final prepapration stage for the 11 plus in Bucks and Berks. 11+ summer tuition is highly recommended, as the 11 Plus exam is right at the beginning of Year 6. 11 plus summer tuition has the advantage of helping children maintain the academic level over the summer. Grammar schools in the local catchment area are the Royal Grammar School in High Wycombe, John Hampden Grammar School, High Wycombe, Beaconsfield High School or Dr Challoner’s Grammar School in Amersham. Our 11 Plus courses are taught by a highly experienced 11 Plus tuition teacher.