11 Plus Courses in Year 5

Welcome to the Beaconsfield School of Education website. Here you can find information about our One to One 11 Plus Courses. We provide courses for pupils in Year 5 living in or near Beaconsfield.

One to One Courses

Beaconsfield School of Education specialises in 11 Plus courses for the GL Assessment® 11 Plus examination. The courses are designed specifically for Year 5 pupils and are taught One to One (private tuition). We continually develop our 11 Plus courses to reflect the latest developments in the 11 Plus exam. For example, when a new type of question appears in the Bucks 11 Plus, it is incorporated into the School's 11 Plus Course. The lessons are taught in the pupil's home by a highly experienced tutor. In the 11 Plus exam, children have to answer questions in five subject areas and on a wide range of topics. The five subject areas are English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning and Spatial Reasoning. There is a substantial amount of learning involved in our 11 Plus course. For this reason, a One to One format is ideal in helping to ensure that all of the required topics are covered. 

Pupils can start their course any week during term time, subject to availability. The Register page has up-to-date information about current availability.

Mock 11 Plus Test Sessions

Beaconsfield School of Education administers Mock 11 Plus Test Sessions  in Beaconsfield. The tests are designed for Year 5 pupils who will take the GL Assessment® 11 Plus. Our Mock 11 Plus Test Sessions provide parents with a reliable assessment of their child's 11 Plus exam readiness, and an insight into areas needing further practice.

Beaconsfield School of Education Mock 11 Plus Sessions in Beaconsfield enable children to experience being tested in a formal examination setting. They gain confidence by learning more about what to expect in their real 11 Plus exam. They gain insight into the importance of timing and the need to answer questions quickly but accurately.

What is in the Mock Tests?

There are 2 multiple-choice Mock 11 Plus Tests in a Session. There is a short break of around 15 minutes between the 2 Tests.

  • The first Mock Test in a Session consists of English (Reading Comprehension, spelling, punctuation and cloze procedure) and Verbal Reasoning
  • The second Mock Test in a Session consists of Non-Verbal Reasoning (4 different question types), Spatial Reasoning (1 question type) and Maths (short maths, long maths and statistics)

The academic level of all of our 11 Plus Mock Tests is geared to the level of the real 11 Plus.

Benefits of a BSE Mock 11+
  • Confidence-building
  • Skills-building: handling instructions and transferring answers onto a separate Answer Sheet are skills requiring practice
  • A quick results turnaround
  • Parents receive an itemised Test Report, including a breakdown of Verbal Reasoning and NVR/Spatial marks

The Mocks give children the opportunity to sit two full tests under formal exam conditions. They provide valuable experience of the concentration and focus required during the two hours they are sitting the tests.

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