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Welcome to the Beaconsfield School of Education website. Here you can find out about our 11 Plus courses, Mock 11 Plus test sessions, online 11 Plus tests and 11 Plus practice books. The News and Special Offers page has our latest news and special offers.

Beaconsfield School of Education has been helping pupils prepare for the 11 Plus since 2013. The School provides a wide range of study and learning resources. These include face-to-face and online 11 Plus courses, Mock 11 Plus Test Sessions in Beaconsfield, 11 Plus publications and an 11 Plus tests portal.

11 Plus Courses

Beaconsfield School of Education specialises in 11 Plus courses for the GL Assessment® examination. The courses are designed specifically for Year 5 pupils and are taught One to One (private tuition with an 11 Plus tutor). We continually develop our 11 Plus courses to reflect the latest trends and developments in the 11 Plus. Our 11 Plus lessons are taught face-to-face or online using the ZOOM platform by a highly experienced 11 Plus tutor, in the pupil's own home.

Registration is currently available for the following academic years:

  • 2022/23
  • 2023/24
  • 2024/25
  • 2025/26

Online 11 Plus Tests

11 Plus Practice Online helps children around the UK prepare for the 11 Plus. The Beaconsfield School of Education portal has over 30,000 11 Plus questions. The questions cover the key areas of the exam and provide an endless supply of tests. Regular practice enables children to see where their performance is strongest, and where there is need for improvement. For a one-off fee, students have unlimited access to the practice tests until 30 November, 2022. See the News & Special Offers page for our Black Friday offer.

Mock 11 Plus Test Sessions

Beaconsfield School of Education administers Mock 11 Plus Test Sessions every summer. Pupils take up to six Mock 11+ tests. The sessions take place in a modern hall setting in Beaconsfield. The Mock Test Sessions are held on weekends in July and August. The Mock Tests are for Year 5 pupils who are preparing for the GL Assessment® 11 Plus. They gain valuable experience of sitting an 11 Plus exam under formal test conditions. Our Mock 11 Plus Tests provide parents with a reliable assessment of their child's ability, and an insight into topics needing further practice.

11 Plus Books

Beaconsfield School of Education is the publisher of a series of 11 Plus practice books. These can be ordered from our Books page. The books provide practice exercises in English, Vocabulary, Verbal Reasoning, Reading Comprehension and Non-Verbal Reasoning. The practice exercises have been classroom tested and each book includes an Answer Key.

Registering for an 11 Plus course or Mock 11 Plus Test Session at Beaconsfield School of Education is easy. So why not register today?

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