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Welcome to the Beaconsfield School of Education website. Here you can find out about our 11 Plus courses, mock 11 Plus tests, 11 Plus publications and English for Au Pairs courses. The News page has our latest news and special offers.

11 Plus Courses

Beaconsfield School of Education specialises in 11 Plus courses for children preparing for the GL Assessment® and/or CEM 11 Plus examinations. The courses are for pupils in Year 5 and are taught One to One (private tuition). We continually develop our 11 Plus courses to reflect the latest trends and developments in the 11 Plus. Our 11 Plus lessons are taught face-to-face or online in the children's own home. 

11 Plus Practice Online

11 Plus Practice Online helps children around the UK prepare for their 11 Plus. Our state of the art student portal has over 30,000 11 Plus questions, which provide an endless supply of tests. Regular practice enables children to see where their performance is strongest and where there is need for improvement.

Mock 11 Plus Test Sessions

Beaconsfield School of Education administers Mock 11 Plus Test Sessions in Buckinghamshire every summer. Children can take up to six Mock 11+ tests in Beaconsfield. The Mock Test Sessions take place on Sunday afternoons in August. They are designed for Year 5 children preparing for the GL Assessment® 11 Plus in September.

Children from all over the South East sit the tests. They gain valuable experience of 11 Plus test conditions. There are two GL-style, multiple-choice Mock 11+ Tests in each Session, with recorded instructions and separate Question Booklets and Answer Sheets.

11 Plus Books

11 Plus practice books published by Beaconsfield School of Education can be purchased on our 11+ Books page. The books provide practice exercises in English, Vocabulary, Verbal Reasoning, Reading Comprehension and Non-Verbal Reasoning.

English for Au Pairs

The School provides a part-time English course for au pairs working in and around Beaconsfield. The course provides an opportunity for au pairs to improve their English and make new friends.

Registering for an 11 Plus course, Mock 11 Plus Test Session or English for Au Pairs course at Beaconsfield School of Education is easy. So why not register today?

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Beaconsfield School of Education specialises in preparation courses for the 11 Plus exam. The course is designed for students in Year 5 of Primary School. The 11+ course covers the three main areas of the 11 Plus - Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning and Maths. The 11 Plus lessons are taught on a One to One basis (private lessons). This enables the 11+ teacher to identify strengths and weaknesses and to focus on areas needing improvement.

The 11 Plus course starts in September and lasts for 3 terms. The 11+ lessons are 75 minutes long, so the pupils can practise and focus on 11+ exercises for an extended period. The teacher always sets homework after the lessons for completion by the following week.

Beaconsfield School of Education | 11 Plus Courses | Beaconsfield

Pupils normally start their 11+ course approximately two weeks after the Bucks CC schools start back at school. The 11 Plus course dates then match the Bucks County Council school term dates closely. There are three 11 Plus course terms: Autumn Term, Spring Term and Summer Term.

Preparation courses and Mock 11 Plus Test Sessions for the 11 Plus. One to One courses helping pupils succeed in the 11 Plus.

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Beaconsfield School of Education | 11 Plus Courses | Beaconsfield

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