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Beaconsfield School of Education specialises in private tuition for the GL Assessment® Plus examination. Lessons are taught face-to-face in the pupil's own home. Our 11 Plus course is designed specifically for children aged 9 and 10 who are in Year 5 of primary school. We do not teach 11 Plus courses to any other year group.

The course is currently fully booked for 2024, 2025 and 2026.

The course covers all of the subjects tested in the Plus exams - English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning and Spatial Reasoning. Many of the didactic materials we use are exclusive to our 11 Plus courses.

We only provide private lessons and we have built up our expertise in this teaching format. We believe that private tuition is the most effective method of tuition for some children. Private tuition enables the 11 Plus tutor to identify a pupil's strengths and weaknesses, and to pinpoint areas in need of improvement. Some children also find it easier to concentrate in a One to One lesson. Distractions can be minimized, so learning can be more effective. Private lessons are more intensive than group lessons. Private lessons enable pupils to build up their mental stamina and a mature approach to their 11 Plus studies over time. These are both required if the pupil is to handle the pressures involved in the 2-hour 11 Plus exam.

Parents can reserve a place for their child by completing the Registration Form on this website and paying the Registration Fee. The current tuition fees and the course dates  can be viewed on the Fees & Dates page.

Parent Comments

"She worked really hard and this translated into a pass. A big thanks again for everything you have done with her."

"We wanted to give a big thank you for all the teaching and support you gave." 

"Thank you so much for all your guidance and knowledge. We are so proud of his result."

"The great news is that she passed the exam! Thanks ever so much for all the work on this....really appreciated."

"Thank you so much for tutoring her and helping her to achieve this fantastic result. She worked hard under your guidance to master techniques she was unsure of and to consolidate her learning in other areas, this has paid off resulting in her super score."

"Thank you again for all your help. The boys were very fortunate to have you as their tutor."

Student Comments

"Thank you for teaching me this year. You are the best tutor ever."

"Thank you for coaching me. I will make you and my parents proud in the 11+ exam."

"Thank you for teaching me brilliantly!"

"You have taught me so many essential tricks in all subjects, thank you."

English and Verbal Reasoning in the 11 Plus

The academic standard of the 11 Plus test is generally aligned to Year 5 of the National Curriculum. However, to score well in the English and Verbal Reasoning sections of the 11 Plus test, a more extensive knowledge of vocabulary is required. A key feature of the 11 Plus Course is helping pupils extend their knowledge of vocabulary. This includes:

  • understanding the meaning(s) of words, in isolation and in context
  • identifying different word classes (articles, nouns, prepositions, adverbs etc)
  • understanding the meaning of expressions and phrases
  • developing the accurate reading of individual words
  • developing knowledge of synonyms and antonyms
  • developing knowledge of closed form compound words (e.g. barrow, outlet, evergreen)
  • developing knowledge of homophones and homonyms (e.g. stationary / stationery)
  • developing knowledge of idioms and collocations

Reading comprehension and proofreading skills are tested in the 11 Plus. As well as focusing on vocabulary, the 11 Plus Course includes extensive proofreading skills work, aimed at helping students identify spelling, punctuation, grammar and syntactical errors. Reading comprehension practice is also an integral part of the course, with regular comprehension and cloze procedure (gap-fill) exercises.

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