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English Test Answer Key

Check all the correct answers on the right

1. My _____ Rita.


2. _____ live here?

Do you

3. _____ time please?

Do you have the

4. _____ to the shop.

I am going

5. He can _____ English very well.


6. They _____ in Stockholm last week.


7. What _____ about it?

did they say

8. You swim _____

better than me.

9. _____ a basketball match?

Have you ever seen

10. _____ go there as well.

I really want to

11. _____ is it from Beaconsfield to Oxford?

How far

12. I _____ study more often.


13. I was looking for my mobile phone when _____

it suddenly rang.

14. They left _____ ten minutes ago.

more than

15. _____ you have finished you can go.

As soon as

16. Look, you can see the sun ______

going down.

17. She asked me if _____ London.

I liked

18. My car _____ tomorrow.

is being repaired

19. You look exhausted. What _____

have you been doing?

20. He told you and so _______

did I.

21. I _____ by 9 pm.

should be arriving

22. If I'd known that I _____ about it.

would have told you

23. If you'd checked for directions before we left we _____ there now. 

would be

24. They don't mind _____


25. Will it really _____ if we arrive later on?

put you out

26. I was over the _____ when I heard the good news.


27. I could hardly believe _____

my eyes.

28. _____ had I arrived there when it started to rain.


29. She _____ have known they'd be late, as usual!


30. He's gone upstairs for a _____


We hope you enjoyed taking the English Test!
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