11 Plus Technical English

English Test Answer Key

Check all the correct answers below

1. Which word in the following sentence is a proper noun? "My name is Rita." Rita

2. Complete this question: "___________ lives here?" Who

3. Complete this question: "_____________ time please?" Do you have the

4. Complete this sentence: "______________ to the shop." I am going

5. "He can speak English very well." What kind of word is 'well'? adverb

6. How many verbs are there in the following sentence? "They were in Scotland last week." 1 (were)

7. Complete this question: "What ____________ about it?" did they say

8. Identify the misspelt word: buisness > BUSINESS

9. Complete this question: "_________________ a basketball match?" Have you ever seen

10. How many verbs are in this sentence: "I want to go there as well."  2 (want / go)

11. Complete this question: "_____ is it from Beaconsfield to Oxford?" How far

12. Complete this sentence: "I ____________ practise Non-Verbal Reasoning more often!" must

13. Complete this sentence: "I was looking for my mobile phone when ____________"  it suddenly rang.

14. Identify the misspelt word:  aquire > ACQUIRE

15. Which punctuation mark is missing from the following sentence? "After youve finished you can go." apostrophe (you've)

16. Complete this sentence: "Look, you can see the sun ______________" going down.

17. Which punctuation mark is wrong in the following sentence? "She asked me if I'd always liked, living in London." comma

18. Complete this sentence: "My car ________________ tomorrow."  is being repaired

19. Identify the misspelt word:  anceint > ANCIENT

20. Identify the pronouns in this sentence: "He told you and so did I." He / you / I

21. Complete this sentence: "I ______________________ by 9 pm." should be arriving

22. Identify the misspelt word: pronounciation > PRONUNCIATION

23. Identify the conjunction is this sentence: "I wanted to go but I couldn't." but

24. Complete this sentence: "They don't mind _______________" walking.

25. Complete this sentence: "Will it really _________________ if I arrive late? put you out

26. Complete this sentence: "I was over the ____________ when I heard the good news." moon

27. Complete this sentence: "I could hardly believe _____________" my eyes.

28. Complete this sentence: "_____________ had we arrived there when it started to rain." Hardly

29. How many punctuation marks are missing in the following sentence? "I think its time I left. 2 (apostrophe and closing speech marks) 

30. Complete this sentence: "There was a large _______ of fish in the river." shoal

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